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REMPLAN Community Profile

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REMPLAN Community Profile

REMPLAN Community Profiles are publically accessible websites providing an interactive online demographic profile which can be linked to your organisation’s website and incorporating your own branding. To assist in understanding the unique characteristics of your communities and how they are changing over time, data from the 2006 and 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) Censuses is provided. The data is displayed as compelling graphs, tables and thematic maps. Demographic data is presented under the following themes: 

  • Population
  • Migration
  • Families
  • Education
  • Work
  • Housing
  • Wellbeing.

Community Profiles are maintained by REMPLAN, are accessible from any computer, are compatible with all commonly used Internet browsers and can be used to inform:

  • local community groups
  • health and education providers
  • government agencies
  • businesses
  • potential investors
  • researchers and students
  • media organisations.

REMPLAN Community Profiles are an ideal resource for building informed insights into the unique characteristics of your communities:

  • Public access website to inform a range of audiences
  • Simple to use tool for community planning
  • Easy to implement – the profile page is linked to your website and incorporates your branding
  • Engaging demographic data, dynamic thematic mapping and time series analysis.

In the profiles, data and analysis is presented for your communities of interest. These communities can be based on local government areas, suburbs, localities, council wards and other custom areas defined by you. Dynamic thematic mapping displays the spatial structure of your communities across a range of demographic measures.


The population profile provides insights across various demographic measures of your specified area’s resident population. These measures encompass: Age (by single and five year age increments); Place of Birth; Year of Arrival; language Spoken at Home and Religion. Reports contain area specific trend data for 2001, 2006 and 2011. Population data can be broken down by gender.

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The Education profile provides insights into the level of education and qualifications that have been attained by residents within your community. This profile also provides data on the type of educational institution which is being attended. Education data can be disseminated by gender. Data is available at the 4 digit level providing information across 36 education levels.

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The Work profile provides insights into your community across a number of industrial and economic measures including: employment status; employment type; industry of employment; occupations; method of commute; unpaid volunteer work; and hours worked. The ‘work’ profile provides insights regarding your areas workforce comparative strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities for training.

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The Housing profile provides area specific demographic data including: Household types and structure; monthly housing repayments; weekly rent; people per residence; tenure type. This profile provides insights into areas that may be experiencing housing stress; where there may be high concentration of lone person households etc which can provide data for input to the social, economic and planning implications of your local area or community.

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Wellbeing The Wellbeing profile provides insights into your community across a number of social and economic demographic indicators including: unemployment rate; income; building approvals; car ownership; internet; assistance; disadvantage; and disengaged youth.

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Who's using REMPLAN?

REMPLAN is used by councils, government departments and private businesses all across Australia. Here are just some of our clients.
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