Tourism Analysis

The tourism sector is an amalgam of activities across various industry sectors such as retail, accommodation & food services, and arts & recreational services. The Tourism Analysis Module estimates the total value of tourism for the local economy and incorporates a ‘Tourism Sector’ into the output, employment, wages & salaries and value-added industry reports in REMPLAN.

The Tourism Analysis Module provides insights into the value of tourism to your economy relative to the contributions made by other industry sectors and details how each sector in your economy is benefitting from expenditure by visitors. This module also allows you to model the flow-on impacts of tourism activity to your local economy in terms of output, employment, wages and salaries and value-added.

Features include:

  • Distribution of Tourist Dollar: provides a breakdown of how $1 of tourist expenditure is typically distributed across local industry sectors;
  • Visitor Profile: captures basic expenditure information for domestic and international visitors to your area.
  • Tourism Impact Scenarios: allows you to simulate the economic impact of a tourism event.
  • Chart Styler: presents options and tools for formatting/editing charts and graphs
  • Information Pane: automatically generates charts, graphs, tables and explanatory text which can be copied and pasted into standard office software applications. 



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