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Provides staff only access to analytical resources featuring detailed economic data.  The economic data presents comprehensive information about workforce characteristics, industry contributions, the role of tourism and gaps in local supply chains.  Data is displayed via maps, graphs and tables together with easy to understand explanations and commentary.    All maps, graphs, charts and text can be easily exported for use in reports and websites. 

Using REMPLAN Economy’s interactive maps data is available for zones within local government areas right up to State and National levels. Economic data is provided for up to 114 industry sectors with scenario impact modelling also available at this level.  Modelling provides direct and flow-on impacts and presents area-specific economic multipliers for employment, output, wages & salaries and value-added.

 Strategic Planning and Analysis 
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Industry Analysis

Industry reports provide detailed data regarding the size and structure of the area’s economy.  Information about industry sectors is available for various measures of economic activity including: output; employment; wages & salaries; local sales; regional exports; local expenditure; regional imports; value-added and Gross Regional Product (GRP). Data can be compared over time and benchmarked against other areas. Data is available for up to 114 industry sectors.

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Interactive thematic mapping is incorporated into REMPLAN Economy to display the spatial structure of the economy in terms of employment, output, wages & salaries, regional exports and value-added.

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Workforce Analysis

Once we understand the key drivers of the local employment then it is important to understand the people who underpin those industries.   Workforce Analysis builds on the standard employment reports in REMPLAN Economy to provide detailed demographic profiles of the workforce. These measures encompass: occupations; level of education; weekly income; hours worked; age; LGA of usual residence; method of travel to work; language spoken at home; and full-time equivalents. Demographic data for the areas’ workforce is presented for 19, 45 and 114 industry sectors.

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Tourism Analysis

The tourism sector is an amalgam of activities across various industry sectors such as retail, accommodation & food services, and arts & recreational services. The Tourism Analysis Module estimates the total value of tourism for the local economy and incorporates a ‘Tourism Sector’ into the output, employment, wages & salaries and value-added industry reports in REMPLAN. 

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GAP Analysis

Provides estimates of the type of goods and services purchased from outside your area and highlights the local industries that are importing.  These imports represent ‘gaps’ in local supply chains thereby identifying potential opportunities to replace imports with local production and grow the economy.

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and More

  • Data for 3 defined areas; for example: a local government area, wider area and state – data can be tailored to any single Destination Zone, Statistical Area 2 (SA2), Local Government Area (LGA) or any combination of these;
  • Data for additional areas can be ordered
  • Industry, Workforce and Import Gap reports can be viewed at 19, 45, 111 and 114 industry sector breakdowns;
  • Annual onsite training session
  • Data updates following new releases from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other relevant government agencies
  • Ongoing service and support via phone and email


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    REMPLAN is used by councils, government departments and private businesses all across Australia. Here are just some of our clients.
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    At REMPLAN we are a team of economists, demographers and software developers. We develop online analytical tools and information resources for economic development and planning practitioners in local, state and federal government agencies, consulting firms, university researchers and students.

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